July 2017 MAARC Monthly Meeting

Davidsonville Family Recreation Center

Sunday, July 16th

Tailgating at 11:00 and meeting at 1:00

Presentation Topic:  Building a Technical Library

Presenters:  Brian Belanger and Joe Meagher

Display Table:  Book radios & jewel case radios


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Photos from RadioActivity 2013

UPDATES - Old Equipment Contest now with the official photos, additional 24 Flea Market, and 6 Seminars photos.

RadioActivity 2013 has been a success! 

       The event started on Thursday, June 20th, with registration followed by a 'Tube, literature, and ephemera auction'. Lots of Rider`s, Beitman`s, RCA Service Manuals, Tube Manuals, Tube Caddies, Ads, Radio Magazines, among others made the crowd happy. 

     On Friday morning, at 6 AM, a great 'Flea Market' started, full of special radios and other old equipments. There were three presentations along the day, 'H.H. Scott Equipment by Steve McAllister', 'Accessorizing you Scott Set' by Kent King, and 'Radio Repair Clinic' by Ed Lyon. In the evening, the 'Banquet' started at 7 PM, with a speech by Kent King about E.H. Scott History and an awards moment, followed by the 'Old Equipment Contest' Viewing.

     Saturday started with a 'Walk Around Auction', followed by a 'Television Set Restoration' presentation by Tom Houghtaling and the 'Main Auction' at noon.









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