July 2017 MAARC Monthly Meeting

Davidsonville Family Recreation Center

Sunday, July 16th

Tailgating at 11:00 and meeting at 1:00

Presentation Topic:  Building a Technical Library

Presenters:  Brian Belanger and Joe Meagher

Display Table:  Book radios & jewel case radios


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2014 RadioActivity

RadioActivity 2014 Announcement.

View or Download RadioActivity 2014 Flyer - Complete with Info & Forms

June 26 - 28, 2014 in Timonium, MD

RadioActivity 2014 will be held at the Holiday Inn in Timonium, Maryland.

Meet Theme is "Art Deco and the Machine Age in Radio"

Talks and seminars on Catalin Cabinets, The Neutrodyne and the Hazeltine Corporation, Radio Repair Clinic,  Art Deco Design in Radio, and The Inside Story on Tube Testers during the Meet and at the Friday night Banquet.

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Flea Market

The Flea Market is, for many, the highlight of an antique radio meet.  The RadioActivity 2014 Flea Market will open at 6:00 am on Friday morning.  MAARC requests that attendees refrain from buying or selling prior to that time.   The Flea Market is open to the public, and all are welcome to come through and browse or shop.  Friday morning is usually the best time to do so.  People wishing to sell items are required to register for the meet and pay for space rental.  Items for sale should pertain to vintage radio or television.



Thursday evening auction will offer tube, literature, and ephemera from 7:30 to 9:00PM. The Main Auction will start at Noon on Saturday. Consignment time starts at 8:30 that morning and closes at 11:30.  Reserves are allowed. There is a minimum opening bid of $15 per lot that will be strictly enforced. There is a charge ($1.00 for MAARC members, $2.00 for non-members) for no-sale items including those that do not receive the minimum bid. MAARC members pay a 10% sellers' commission, non-members pay 15%.

Click here to see MAARC's full Auction Policies (.pdf format).


Got "Junque"?  There will be a no-commission, no-reserve, Walk-Around Auction in the Flea Market area at 8:30 Saturday Morning.  This is a great way to dispose of lesser quality lots that would not make the minimum bid in the Main Auction.

Registration Desk will be open on Thursday evening from 6:30 to 7:30pm!

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