May 2017 MAARC Monthly Meeting

Davidsonville Family Recreation Center

Sunday, May 21st

Tailgating at 11:00 and meeting at 1:00

Presentation Topic:  Audio Amplifiers

Presenter:  Randy Warren

Display Table:  1925 and earlier Crosley radios


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Estate Items at the 10/16 FallFest Auction

MAARC is featuring a number of interesting items from two separate estates at our FallFest auction. These items came from a TV/Radio repairman who operated his shop in the 50's and 60's, and an avid Ham operator. The auction items are diverse, featuring:

  • Vintage TV's (GE and Tele-Tone), NOS TV antennas, and vintage TV alignment gear
  • A huge collection of Sam's PhotFacts
  • Classic radio and television books
  • Octal, noval, and miniature vacuum tubes in tube caddys
  • Vintage turntables
  • Portable stereo systems
  • Vintage GE and Fada portable radios
  • A box lot of TV knobs
  • Vintage transformers, capacitors, and resistors
  • A Heathkit O-scope
  • Power supplies
  • Multimeters and other vintage test equipment
  • Vintage Weller soldering gun
  • Bogen-L60 tube-based amplifier
  • Illuminated RCA Radio and TV repair signs (one N.I.B)
  • A vintage Sonomatic car radio
  • A Phillips AZ-1505 Boombox
  • Sperry SP-10A voltmeters
  • A Inslik U6000 high end Tripod
  • An array of ham gear, including:
    • An Icom IC725 Transceiver, HM12 and SM-V Microphones, Sp20 External Speaker, and IC761 Mobile HF Rig
    • A Nye WM9 Antenna Impedance Matching Network
    • A Yaesu FL-2100Z 1,000 Watt Linear Amplifier and a Y5500 SWR and Power Meter
    • A Realistic Pro2006 400 channel UHF/VHF Scanner
    • A Daiwa CN-720 Cross-Needle SWR Meter
    • A Clegg FM-28 channelized FM Rig
    • A Kenwood TM-731A 144/440 Mobile Rig
    • An Astron RS-125 Speaker
    • GE and Pace CB Radios
    • A Kenwood Th-75A Dual-Band FM set and PC-11 rapid charger
    • Motorola walkie-talkies
    • an MFJ MFJ-259B HF/VHF SWR Analyzer and MFJ-422-X keyer with Bencher paddles
    • A Vibroplex #44792 silver-plated keyer
    • Antique telegraph keys
    • An Archer 21-B17 Hi-Power lo-pass TVI filter
    • A BGE SD-40 complete 40M wire dipole kit (N.I.B.)
    • An Alpha-Delta E-181202 Transi-trap lightning protector

Here are some photos of key offerings:


The auction is scheduled to start at noon (earlier if raining). Don't miss out!

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