November 2018 Meeting

Davidsonville Family Recreation Center

Sunday, November 18th

Tailgating at 11:00 and meeting at 1:00

Presentation Topic:  Veneer Repair

Presenter:  Eric Stenberg

Display Table:  Radios with fiberboard/cardboard cabinets


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RadioActivity 2018 Old Equipment Contest Results

This year's Old Equipment Contest (OEC) had 61 entries with 109 pieces on display.  The theme, Westinghouse, was well represented.


Pictures of the winning and other OEC entries, taken by club member Vincent Incardona, are posted to the right and/or on the RadioActivity Photos Page.


Incidentally, this year's RadioActivity photos were taken by Domi Sanchez (with help from the webmaster).


Here are the OEC winners: 

 Category 1: Westinghouse Radios pre-1930

1st – Gary Alley, Radiola Super-Selective Combination

2nd – Dan Sohn, Westinghouse Receiver Equipment (Historical Merit Award)

3rd – Bill Goodwin, Westinghouse RC

Category 2: Westinghouse Radios post-1929

1st – Tom Shearer, Westinghouse H-447T4 plastic table radio

2nd – Roy Stehlik & Joanna Fabro, Westinghouse WR-222 wood tabletop radios

3rd – Jon Hall, Westinghouse WR-100 mini-tombstone radio -

Category 3: Westinghouse Ephemera

1st – Dave Rossetti, Westinghouse Tubes, caddies, and boxes

2nd – Eric Stenberg, Paris contest brochure

Category 4: WW II Radios (1938-1940)

1st - Roy Stehlik & Joanna Fabro, Zenith 7S558 console radio

2nd – Bill Goodwin, RCA 66X Catalin radio

3rd – Eric Stenberg, Crosley Morale radio

Category 5: Battery Radios including transistors sets

1st – David Willenborg, Arthur Lynch Radio (Preservation Award)

1st – Robert Lozier, Radiola M55 radio

2nd – Charlie Wilson, Federal 61 with antenna and horn speaker (Peoples Choice Award)

3rd – Bill Goodwin, Harper transistor radio

Category 6: Table-top radios of the 1930s

1st – Geoff Shearer, Emerson Model 45 (beauty)

2nd – Eric Stenberg, Silvertone 6320 wood table radio

Category 7: Vintage Hi-Fi & Audio equipment

1st – Gary Alley, Travis Tapak tape recorder

2nd – Geoff Shearer, Heathkit AR-1515

3rd – Domi Sanchez, Bell & Howell amplifier

Category 8: Paired Radios; same chasses, different cabinets

1st – Willie Sessoms and Geoff Shearer, General Television 520s

2nd – John Begg, Granco 601 & Sylvania 9000FM

3rd – Eric Stenberg, Airking Model 4s

Category 9: Speakers and Headphones

1st – Gary Alley, Dictograph speaker

2nd – Bill Goodwin, Music Master speaker with spruce bell

2nd – Buford Chidester, Splitdorf Conetone

3rd – Charlie Wilson, Stewart Warner Dancing Ladies

Category 10: Blue Radios

1st – Geoff Shearer, Stewart Warner Navy Blue and Gold

2nd – Eric Stenberg, Sonora 627

3rd – Bob Masterson, Olympic portable radio

Category 11: Patriot Radios (red, white, and blue)

1st – Geoff Shearer, Emerson EP-405 chest

2nd – Bill Goodwin, EP-406

Category 12: Advertising

1st – Rod Matzko, Westinghouse ads

2nd – Geoff Shearer, Radiotron Doll display

3rd - Roy Stehlik & Joanna Fabro, Philco dealer brochure and GE clock radio advertisement

Category 13: 1950s and 1960s tube radios

1st – Jon Hall, Hitachi WH-667

2nd - Roy Stehlik & Joanna Fabro

3rd – John Begg, colorful Emerson radios

Category 14: Open

1st – Robert Lozier, Oriole & Cascade battery radios (Best of Show Award)

2nd – Bill Goodwin, F.B. Chambers & Co. with loose coupler

3rd – Joe Koester, Foreign Radio display


Congratulations to all the winners and contest participants.

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