2020 RadioActivity - Announcement

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RadioActivity 2020 


Due to the COVID-19 virus, RadioActivity 2020 is officially cancelled. Key events, such as the auctions, the banquet, the Old Equipment Contest, and the presentations would place too many persons in proximity with each other, preventing social distancing. This would be compounded by the median age of the MAARC membership being in excess of 60, the age the CDC states as the low water mark for increased vulnerability. As a result of the impact these factors would have on participant and presenter attendance, and the resulting impact that would have on covering the Hotel costs, the MAARC Board of Directors unanimously voted to cancel the event.

With luck, the development of a vaccination and/or cures for COVID-19 will allow us to hold RadioActivity 2021 next year in June. Monitor the MAARC website for plans on that event.