MAARC Auctions

About MAARC Auctions

Each of our monthly meetings offers a free flea market and a small auction. The auctions provide the opportunity to buy and sell old radios, TVs, hi-fi components, tubes, parts, service equipment, electric instruments, and literature at good prices. There is a small seller's commission for auction sales. Of course, there is no guarantee that items will sell, though most do. The monthly auctions tend to be more informal and have no minimums on opening bids. Because of the prices typically realized, the monthly auctions tend to be good opportunities to buy and sell lesser quality items and parts.

Twice a year we offer larger meets with bigger flea markets and auctions. These larger auctions have higher quality offerings and are more likely to garner better prices. They may have minimum opening bids, consignment limits, and other policy requirements to help manage the auction. The two events, RadioActivity and RadioFallFest, are normally in June and October respectively. Check the Calendar Page for dates and details of the larger meets, as well as the monthly meetings.

We recommend one of these venues if you have a few items to sell. And, of course, we welcome those looking to buy. Many consider it one of the most fun aspects of the hobby. Reserves are allowed at MAARC auctions and shill bidding is not authorized. For full policy details read MAARC's auction policies in the file 1_MAARC Auction Policies below (requires Adobe® reader software).

Also for your convenience, below is the MAARC Auction Consignment Form in the file 2_Auction Consign Sheet (requires Excel compatible software). They can be downloaded or printed out and filled out prior to the auction. On the consignment form it is easiest to just number your items consecutively. Try to describe the items with model numbers or some other unique info rather than just as "radio" or the like. It helps when tracking down items in the rare case of a problem. Since they change from auction to auction, the Bidder/Consignment Numbers are not normally available until the event. Leave that box blank until then.

All lots need to be tagged with a MAARC Auction tag form (3_MAARC_Large_Tag_For_LOTs.pdf). On the tags, be sure to note condition and any other useful information that the auctioneer can pass on to the bidders about the item. This may help the item sell for more. Lots are identified by "Bidder/Consignment Number - Item Number". The "Item Number" is the one you gave it on the consignment form. As mentioned above, the Bidder/Consignment Numbers are not normally available until the event. Lots being donated to MAARC do not need an identification number, just write "Donation" on the tag. It may be easiest for you to just pick up auction tags at the event, then fill them out and tag your lots there.

Radio Estates

If you have a large number of items we may set up a special auction or try to feature them as a special emphasis at one of our big RadioActivity or RadioFallFest auctions. Perhaps you had a relative or friend who was a fellow collector or who was a radio or television repairman "back in the day" and you have their estate to dispose of. Maybe that describes yourself and you are looking to down-size your holdings. MAARC is honored to assist in such efforts. We recognize that as collectors we are merely stewards of items of historic value and want to help pass them along to those who will continue to preserve them. By arrangement with you, we can handle pick-up, hauling, and advertising for such events. For this effort we typically ask a 15% sellers commission on the auction sales, which we feel is very reasonable for our time and trouble which can be considerable.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact a volunteer to assist you regarding potential auction items.