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On the Internet, discussion forums, also known as discussion boards, and online forums, are the social media meeting places. Briefly, they are online bulletin boards where people with similar interests can discuss different topics. It is a powerful tool that can enhance communication and exchange of knowledge between you and other members of MAARC. Let us go through a brief introduction on how to use this tool.

1) Overview of the 'Discussion Forums' and how to access the tool

The main Board Index page displays a list of the 11 available discussion Forums. This Discussion Board can contain one or more Forums. A Forum is a place where a topic or a group of related topics are discussed. For each Forum, the page displays the total number of topics, the number of posts, and the last post author. Also, the number of unanswered posts, who is online, the total number of participants, among other statistics is shown at the top and bottom of the page. Take a quick glance on the main Board Index page to better understand its structure.

You have to register in order to post messages. Registration also will give you access to additional features not available to guest users such as definable avatar images, private messaging, emailing of fellow users, among others. It only takes a few moments to register, please, do so if you are a member of MAARC Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club.

To Register, click on either 'Register' words on the top tab or on the top right of the Board Index page. Next, you should agree with the MAARC Forums terms. Then, fill out the registration form and click 'Submit'. The Discussion Board administrators will take care of the final registration step. That is all, very simple and easy! The next time you enter the site just Click Login.

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2) About 'Topics' and 'Posts", how to view them, and how to create new ones

Within each Forum there is a list of posted topics (each topic is the first post subject) and within each topic a list of posts (besides the first post you will see all reply posts). To enter a Topic and view respective responses, click on the Topic name. Also, you can create a new topic by clicking "NEWTOPIC" and, within each topic, a new post by clicking either 'POSTREPLY" or "Quick Reply". Once you have accessed a forum and its topics, you can reply to anyone who has posted to that topic.


 3) How to enter text in a post

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    a) Type your subject. The text entered in this field will appear as the name of the topic.
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Davidsonville Nearest Hotels

Hotels near Davidsonville Family Recreation Center

The Davidsonville Family Recreation Center is located in a surprisingly rural setting considering it's proximity to Washington, DC. As such, there are no hotels in the immediate vicinity. However, there are many hotels within an easy 10 to 20 minute drive, offering a wide range of room rates, all of which would make adequate staging facilities for attending this one day meet.

Some of the closest hotels are listed below. If these do not met your needs, concentrate your hotel web searches using Annapolis, MD or Bowie, MD as your destination.

Bowie, Maryland

Comfort Inn
4500 Crain Hwy. (301) 464-0084

Hampton Inn
15202 Major Lansdale Blvd. (301) 809-1800

TownPlace Suites
3700 Town center Blvd. (301) 262-8045

Annapolis, Maryland

Country Inn and Suites
2600 Housley Rd. (410) 571-6700

Hampton Inn
124 Womack Dr. (410) 571-0200

Marriott Residence Inn
170 Admiral Cochrane Dr. (410) 573-0300

Super 8
74 Old Mill Bottom Rd. (Hwy. 50 exit 28) (410) 757-2222

Links of Interest

Restoration Parts and Supplies - General

Mitch Amos   -  MAARC member Mitch Amos has plenty of parts available for your restoration projects. Email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for availability and price.

Radio Daze   -  Tubes, parts, tools, and supplies for restoring old radios.

Antique Electronic Supply   -  Tubes, parts, and supplies for restoring vacuum tube equipment.

Antique Radio Grille Cloth   -  Premier source for reproduction pattern grill cloth.
 Lost their supplier, but provide alternate sources. Now feature Radio Related Advertising Art and Other Stuff.

K & D Electronics   -  Resistors, capacitors, and High End Audio tubes, parts, and supplies.
Note: This vendor is in China.   -  Nice general resource site for radio collectors.  A forum; it mostly contains information and links on various antique radios and equipment.

Vacuum Tubes

MAARC   -  Remember, MAARC sells a wide variety of NOS and used tubes at the monthly meetings and our meets.  Visit the tube trailer or email Charlie Scarborough.

NCRTV   -  The National Capital Radio and TV museum sells tubes. 

Antique Electronic Supply   -  Tubes, parts, and supplies for restoring vacuum tube equipment.

Radio Daze   -  Tubes, parts, tools, and supplies for restoring old radios.

The Radiola Guy   -  Lists his stock of both early and later types of tubes for sale


Mitch Amos   -  MAARC member Mitch Amos has plenty of capacitors available for your restoration projects. Email him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for availability and price.

MAARC   -  The club sells the most commonly used capacitors at the monthly meetings and our meets at good prices.  See or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WJOE Radio   -  Capacitors, resistors, and dial lamps for vintage radios.

Just Radios   -  Capacitors for vintage radios.

Bob's Antique Radios and Electronics   -  Capacitors and dial lamps for vintage radios.

Radio Daze   -  Tubes, parts, tools, and supplies for restoring old radios.

Antique Electronic Supply   -  Tubes, parts, and supplies for restoring vacuum tube equipment.

Dial Scales, Dial Covers, and Decals

Radio Daze   -  Reproduction glass dial scales and some decals.

Antique Electronic Supply   -  Some reproduction plastic dial scales and decals.

The Radiola Guy   -  Reproduction paper, foil, and plastic dial scales. Custom work offered.

Retro Radio Repair   -  Reproduction clear plastic dial covers.

Knobs and other parts

David and Joann Frush  -  Good salvaged knobs, escutcheons, dials, chassies, etc.
No website, but email inquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Old Time Replications   -  Reproduction knobs, pushbuttons, and plastic escutcheons.

Renovated Radios   -  Reproduction rubber grommets, gaskets, knobs, pushbuttons, and CRT masks, etc.

Constantines Wood Center   -  Lacquers, veneers, and refinishing supplies for wood cabinets.

Custom Hardwood Radio Knobs   -  Custom wooden knobs for your reconditioned radios and other equipment. Ben Ericson, proprietor.

Schematics and Service Literature

NCRTV    -  MAARC's extensive service literature library was merged with that of the National Capital Radio and TV Museum.  Photocopy packages are available for most vintage radio and TV sets.

The Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA)   -  The Boat Anchor Manual Archive offers free manuals for download

Nostalgia Air   -  Free online schematics, manuals, tube data, references and more.

Just Radios   -  Schematics and Capacitors for vintage radios.

A. G. Tannenbaum's Homepage   -  User and Service Manuals for old radios, amps, ham, audio, and test equipment.

The Radiola Guy   -  Schematics and service literature, for more than just Radiolas.

Philco Radio   -  Ron Ramirez's website has schematics for Philco radios.

Glendale Manuals   -  An eBay Store

Engle Tech Supply   -  Also known as Zizzy7, another eBay Store

TubeSound   -  Another eBay Store

Radio Repair Services Offered

JF Antique Radio Repair   -  Serving the Washington, D.C. area.  30 years experience in repair of antique radios and tube equipment.  Reasonable rates.
 Located in Ashburn, VA.

Old Radio Doc   -  Antique Radio Restoration and Repair services.
Located in Pomfret Center, CT. Run by Bob Eslinger.

Camden Antique Radio Service   -  Antique radio repair and schematics.
Located near Atlanta, GA. Run by Scott Rhode.

Great Northern Vintage Radios   -  Restoration, repair, parts, and sales services.
Located in Minneapolis, MN.  Run by Alan Jasperson.

For Your Listening Pleasure   -  Antique Radio & Record Player Restoration and Repair services.
Located in Binghamton, NY.  Run by The Phillips Family.

Urban Antique Radio and Vintage Hi-Fi   -  Restoration, repair, and sales services.
Located in Windsor, CT.  Run by Mike Urban.

Tom's Antique Radio Repair   -  Repair services.  Has on-line repair price estimate listings. 
Located in Dayton, OH.

Vintage Electronic Services   -  MAARC member Mark Herring: Specializing in vintage radios, test equipment, and audio; electrical repair and restoration; and component rebuilding.  Located in Annapolis, MD

NCRTV   -  Members of the National Capital Radio and TV museum offers radio repairs to members.

Other Services Offered

Radio Attic   -  Buy and sell old radios here.  Restoration Services also.  Located in Eaton, NH

Tom McKees's Antique Radio Literature page   -  A listing of original service literature for sale.

Estes Auctions   -  Premier vintage electronics auction house.
Usually several per month

Vintage Audio   -  "Mr. Analog" deals in vintage stereo gear, Hi-Fi, and vinyl records.
 Run by George Rasley

Anatek Corp.   -  Reproduction clear plastic dial covers

Useful Information

All About Electronic Circuits for Kids - Basic information about electronic circuits

Allied Catalogs - All the old Allied Radio catalogs   -  General resource site for radio collectors.  Forums, Galleries, Links, Articles, etc.

Radio Finder by Tube Line-up   -  Matches tube complements to radios where used.
Run by John Okolowicz.

Renovated Radios   -  Magazines and Service Literature on CD including "Radio Retailing", also restoration articles.

Philco Radio   -  Ron Ramirez's website has boat loads of info on Philco radios.

Philco Repair Bench   -  Excellent info for fixing your Philco (or other) antique radio.  Great Resource Links page.

The Radiola Guy   -  Extensive info about Radiolas, and other radios too.

The Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA)   -  Extensive list of owners manuals for free download.
Mostly tube HAM gear, some test equipment and other stuff.

Harry Poster   -  Vintage TV site.

The Original Old Time Radio (OTR) WWW Pages   -  Old Time Radio programs and history.

Early Development of Radio - 600 BC to the Early 1920's   -  Article covering from discovery of electricity through electronics leading to radio.

UNITED STATES EARLY RADIO HISTORY   -  Archive of articles on early history of radio (1897 - 1927).

New York's Broadcasting History   -  Including a radio history timeline.

Inland Marine Radio History Archive   -  Archive of the history of radio on the Great Lakes and the Mississippi.

Field Service Management Guide: Telecommunications Timeline   -  See how far communications have come.

On-line Radio Picture Galleries

Radio Attic Archives   -  Over 6000 radios pictured in galleries searchable by manufacturer.   -  On-line museum featuring pictorial galleries of radios from around the world. Searchable by manufacturer and country, in several languages.

Silver, Sounds, and Stuff   -  Over 1000 radios pictured in searchable gallery.

Classic Radio Gallery   -  Radios pictured in searchable gallery.  Also radios and schematics for sale.

Norwegian Historical Radio Society   -  English language version of website featuring pictures of Norwegian radios and Tandberg equipment.

Old Time Radio Programs

Vintage Radio Shows.Com   -  Subscription Service of OTR Programs for download or smart phone.
 Over 80,000 listings.

Old Time Radio Show Catalog   -  OTR programming for sale and download.
Extensive, well indexed holdings.  New listings monthly

Other Clubs

Antique Radio Club of Illinois (ARCI)

Australian Vintage Radio Society, Victoria, Australia

California Historical Radio Society (CHRS)

Carolinas Chapter of the Antique Wireless Association (CC-AWA)

Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club

Indiana Historical Radio Society

Michigan Antique Radio Club (MARC)

Music City Vintage Radio Club, Nashville, TN

Nederlands Forum over Oude Radio's NFOR (Dutch forum on old radio's)

New Jersey Antique Radio Club (NJARC)

Northland Antique Radio Club, Minnesota

Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society (PARS)

Southeastern Antique Radio Society (SARS), Georgia

MAARC Board of Directors

Note: To contact any board member, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



John Begg

Vice President:

Dave Rossetti


Rod Matzko


Board Members

Brian Belanger

Bruce Pellicott

Domi Sanchez

Ed Lyon

Eric Stenberg

Hale Adams

JoAnna Fabro

Joe Meagher

Randy Warren

Roy Stehlik


Domi Sanchez

Capacitor Sales

Randy Warren

Membership Chair / Newsletter Back Orders:

Geoff Shearer

Meeting Setup

Brian Belanger

Meeting Cleanup

John Begg


Joe Koester

Radio Age Co-Editors:

Ed Lyon

Brian Belanger

Domi Sanchez

Joe Koester

Show and Tell Sessions

Geoff Shearer

Tube Sales

Charles Scarborough


Dave Rossetti

Our 2018-2021 Board Members 

Pictured from left to right: Bruce Pellicott, Roy Stehlik, JoAnna Fabro, Hale Adams, Domi Sanchez, Joe Meagher, John Begg, Randy Warren, Dave Rossetti, Eric Stenberg, Brian Belanger, and Rod Matzko.

Not Pictured: Ed Lyon

Note: To contact any board member, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.