October 2018 Meeting - RadioFallFest

Davidsonville Family Recreation Center

Sunday, October 21st

Tailgating at 8:00AM and Auction at 12:00

MAARC RadioFallFest - click here for this years flyer


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2018 RadioFallFest: Announcement

RadioFallFest 2018, Sunday, October 21st

Click here to see or download the flyer and view what you can buy or sell

 Time: gates open by 8 AM

Big Auction begins at 12:00 PM

Place - Davidsonville Family Recreation Center

Lodging - Nearest Hotels

Food: There will be food, coffee, and other drinks available for purchase, provided by the Boy Scouts of America Davidsonville Troop #454 (or bring your own).


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RadioActivity 2018 Old Equipment Contest Results

This year's Old Equipment Contest (OEC) had 61 entries with 109 pieces on display.  The theme, Westinghouse, was well represented.


Pictures of the winning and other OEC entries, taken by club member Vincent Incardona, are posted to the right and/or on the RadioActivity Photos Page.


Incidentally, this year's RadioActivity photos were taken by Domi Sanchez (with help from the webmaster).


Here are the OEC winners: 

Read more: RadioActivity 2018 Old Equipment Contest Results

Radio Age Index Update

Thanks to Brian Belanger, the Radio Age Index has been updated through April 2018.

Click to view the new index on a web page: Cumulative Index 1994-Apr 2018 Radio Age.pdf

Alternatively, click 'Newsletter' on the left menu.

Ham Radio Operators Puerto Rico Bound

Check out this article about fellow radio enthusiasts from the American Radio Relay League who went to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria to to help distribute information about the status of hurricane survivors: Puerto Rico bound: Ham radio operators relay Hurricane Maria survivor info

Replacing Power-Cord Resistance Elements or Ballast Tubes

Have an old radio that used power-cord resistance elements or ballast tubes that are no longer available? Ed Lyon has taken Charlie Rhodes' equations for determining how to replace those with modern-day capacitors and created some charts to guide your repairs. Published in the September 2017 Radio Age, they are provided here for your use. 

To view the charts and related article, click here.

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