2019 RadioActivity - Announcement

RadioActivity 2019 

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June 27 - 29, 2019 in Beltsville, MD

RadioActivity 2019 will be held in the same hotel as last year at the Sheraton College Park North Hotel in Beltsville, Maryland.

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 The theme will feature Shortwave Broadcasting.

The Sheraton College Park North Hotel (formerly the Sheraton Washington North Hotel) is located off of Exit 29B (Rt. 212) of I-95 between Washington and Baltimore, at 4095 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, Maryland, 20705. The hotel is on the southwest corner of the interchange.

Again this year, we have avoided holding our event on the same weekend as the ARRL Field Day weekend, an event in which many ham operators like to participate.

Mark your calendars and Click Here for further details.

Photos of Available Items

Below are some photos of items that will be available at this years RadioActivity Event, either through the auction or the raffle. More photos will be posted as they become available, so check back often.

Fada "Temple" Radio


This Fada model 652 is from 1946. An exquisite example of Art Deco, the radio has a catalin cabinet. How about that butterscotch trim. Look for this radio in the main auction.


SNR Excelsior

This radio is a chromed SNR Excelsior model 52. It was made in France, dated 1952. This multi-band radio has all the bells and whistles: tuning eye, original sombrero knobs. Restored in France, it is in good condition. Such a fine radio, it was the basis (almost identical) for the Russian "Red Star" radio of 1954. Look for this radio in the main auction.


RCA Model 128


This fine looking and perfectly playing RCA was donated to MAARC for inclusion into this year's auction. You may get to hear it over the course of the weekend. The radio has two bands, AM and SW. It will make a fine addition to anyone's collection.


AN/USM-118B "Cardmatic" Tube Tester with Cards

This unit was the end-of-the-line as far as Navy tube testers go, and saw service clear into the 1980's. A Hickok made 'cardmatic', it comes complete with an extensive set of cards (all that were issued with the tester), a zener diode test unit, a complete set of calibration cards, and a reproduced manual. This test set is fully functional and was just calibrated using the calibration cards and zener test unit. It will be made available to test tubes at Thursday's tube and ephemera auction. Donated to support this year's raffle, you may want to purchase a few tickets so you get a better chance of taking it home.

Radio Age Index Update

Thanks to Brian Belanger, the Radio Age Index has been updated through April 2018.

Click to view the new index on a web page: Cumulative Index 1994-Apr 2018 Radio Age.pdf

Alternatively, click 'Newsletter' on the left menu.

Replacing Power-Cord Resistance Elements or Ballast Tubes

Have an old radio that used power-cord resistance elements or ballast tubes that are no longer available? Ed Lyon has taken Charlie Rhodes' equations for determining how to replace those with modern-day capacitors and created some charts to guide your repairs. Published in the September 2017 Radio Age, they are provided here for your use. 

To view the charts and related article, click here.

Ham Radio Operators Puerto Rico Bound

Check out this article about fellow radio enthusiasts from the American Radio Relay League who went to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria to to help distribute information about the status of hurricane survivors: Puerto Rico bound: Ham radio operators relay Hurricane Maria survivor info

July 2017 Presentation - Building a Tech Library

Our July 2017 meeting featured a very useful presentation on Building a Tech Library by Brian Belanger and Joe Meagher. 

To view a consolidated listing of recommended books and links from the presentation, click here.