3 - What is it worth?

I have an old radio, TV, electronic vacuum tubes and parts, hi-fi component, electric instrument, or electronic test set, and I want to know what is it worth?

This is sort of a subset of the second question above but we get asked it a lot. In fact, I'm going to send you back to the second question answer to use the email contacts there. But first, keep in mind that most old radios and related equipment are not worth a lot. You will not be retiring to the South Pacific after selling Grandma's old Philco. Radios in antique stores are frequently over-priced, probably due to ignorance or wishful thinking on the part of the dealer. There are some radios worth in the hundreds of dollars to collectors, and many fewer in the thousands of dollars range, and a rare few in the tens of thousands of dollars. Chances are your radio or other electronic device is none of these, but, hey, it doesn't hurt to check. Also know that condition plays a big part in the value of a radio or vintage electronic device along with rarity and age. That is why the prices you may see in price guides or on ebay® may not apply to your set. By the way, if you are thinking of selling it and it has not been restored, do not plug it in!

If you are looking for a professional appraisal for insurance purposes or the like, please let us know when you contact us and we will try and find a good referral.