2012 Radioactivity Photos: Old Equipment Contest

RadioActivity 2012

Theme: 'Radio/TV Correspondence Schools'

Old Equipment Contest

 Photography by Eric Stenberg

Category 3: Radios or Equipment from Schools Other than National Radio Institute - 1st Tom Houghtaling with his Deforest Training Inc. Instructional Services Oscilloscope restorations


 Category 1: National Radio Institute Radios from Kit - 1st Robert Lozier:  NRI AA-5 Broadcast Set from mid-1950s


Category 4: Passive Receivers (crystal/coherer, etc.) - 1st Gerhard Grieb:  1924 Kodel Goldstar S1 Receiver


Category 4: Passive Receivers (crystal/coherer, etc.) - 2nd Gary Alley:  Deforest Beginners Unit Set


Category 4: Passive Receivers (crystal/coherer, etc.) - 3rd Jon Hall:  Miniature Germanium Radios


Category 5: One Tube Receivers - 1st Gary Alley:  Fischer One Tube Receiver


Category 5: One Tube receivers - 2nd Steve Noga:  Home Built "Junk Box" Receivers


Category 6: Wood Cabinet TRF Receivers - 1st Gary Alley:  Sodion type DR-6 Rcvr w/ 2 optional D-11-1 Audio Amps


 Category 6: Wood Cabinet TRF Receivers - 1st (tie) Barker Edwards:  Magnavox TRF-50


 Category 6: Wood Cabinet TRF Receivers - 3rd Geoff Shearer:  Freshman Masterpiece 6-F-6


 Category 8: Tombstone Cabinet Radios - 1st Geoff Shearer:  Emerson 108(?) front


 Category 8: Tombstone Cabinet Radios - 1st Geoff Shearer:  Emerson 108(?) back


 Category 8: Tombstone Cabinet Radios - 3rd Bob Masterson:  Stewart-Warner R-181


 Category 7: Cathedral Cabinet Radios - 1st Bob Masterson:  Willard mini-Cathedral


 Category 9: Plastic Cabinet Radios - 1st Brian Belanger:  Emerson AA-5 trio


 Category 9: Plastic Cabinet Radios - 2nd Bruce Pellicot:  French Dueretet Thomson Model R0244



 Category 9: Plastic Cabinet Radios - 3rd Geoff Shearer:  Navy blue & gold Stewart-Warner B51T4



 Catagory 10: Transistor Radios - 1st Mike Baird:  Juliette Multiband Radio - New in box



 Category 10: Transistor Radios - 2nd Jon Hall:  Zephyr and Elite TR-20 one transistor radios



 Category 8: Tombstone Cabinet Radios - 2nd Jim Stellman:  RCA 6T


 Category 10: Transistor Radios - 3rd Bob Masterson:  Hitachi 666



 Category 11: Loudspeakers and Headphones - 1st Gary Alley:  Amplion Patrician



 Category 11: Loudspeakers and Headphones - 2nd Jim Wilson:  Ovenshire Symphony Speaker


 Category 11: Loudspeakers and Headphones - 3rd Brian Belanger:  Vogue 13 Horn Speaker (yes, not a cone!)


 Category 16: Local Radios (from PA, MD, WV, VA, DE, or DC) - 1st Geoffrey Bourne:  Justrite by Airola Radio Co. of Huntington, WV - Also won Historic Merit


 Category 12: Test Equipment - 1st Geoff Shearer:  Hickok 156 Indicating Tracer meter or Rider Chanalyst


 Category 13: Advertising Material - 1st Jon Hall:  Fred Forest KNX Radio Promo and History


 Category 12: Test Equipment - 2nd Bob Masterson: Leeds ohm meter/test set owned by NBC engineering Dept.


 Category 10: Transistor radios - 4th Bob Masterson:  Panasonic RC-69 talking clock radio


 Category 15: Microphones - 1st Jon Hall:  Western Electric 387 Carbon Mic


 Category 15: Microphones - 2nd (tie) Daniel Sohn:  rare Studio Mic


 Category 15: Microphones - 3rd Geoff Shearer:  Home recording microphones"


 Category 16: Local Radios (from PA, MD, WV, VA, DE, or DC) - 2nd Gary Alley:  Pittsburgh Radio Supply House S-P-2 Receiver


 Category 16: Local Radios (from PA, MD, WV, VA, DE, or DC) - 3rd Jim Stellman:  Philco 46-1201 "Bing Crosby" from Phils, PA


 Category 9: Plastic Radios - 4th Bob Masterson:  Fada SF-60 and Motorola 56H


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