2011 RadioFallFest: Photos

 MAARC's RadioFallFest

the 2011 Edition of our Annual Fall Meet

October 16, 2011

A great day and a great meet.  Like last year, the Flea Market was greeted with blue skies and sunshine.  In fact, it actually got a bit warm.  New faces, both sellers and vendors, continued to arrive throughout the morning and kept things humming along until the auction.  We were worried the auction would run long due to the number of consignments, including a couple mini-estates.  But our stalwart auctioneer, Col. Belanger, kept things moving at a good clip, getting us through by 4pm.  The local Boy Scouts again provided the food service to the mutual benefit of the troop as well as the radio collectors who were there to enjoy it.

Photography by Eric Stenberg


Is plastic better than wood?

Radios in the sun.

Classic tube sets in a classic VW.

Wood table sets to be had!

Your basic vintage commo gear.

Old truck still newer than the cargo.

Colorful Tube Boxes.

Ed holds court.

Bob displaying his wares.

Charlie and Steve man the tube trailer.

The Boy Scouts serve up lunch.

Auction preview time.

Auction preview time.

AK Breadboard for the auction.

Consoles at the ready.

Auction was big.

Bill displays the raffle radio.

Col. Belanger calls the auction.

More auction action.

Down to the bitter end.

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