2010 RadioFallFest: Photos

MAARC's RadioFallFest
the 2010 Edition of our Annual Fall Meet

October 17, 2010

Unlike last year, the Flea Market was greeted with blue skies and sunshine.  It was just a bit nippy was all.  Otherwise, a nice fall day in the D.C. area.  New faces, both sellers and vendors, continued to arrive throughout the morning and kept things humming along.   Once again, the auction was good sized and definately worth the trip.  It was started about a half hour early when folks seemed about ready, as judged by the leadership running the meet.  The local Boy Scouts again provided the food service to the mutual benefit of the troop as well as the radio collectors who were there to enjoy it.


Photography by Eric Stenberg 

Look at all this cr...,er, nice stuff!

 Is this where I get really old electronics? 

Commo gear, commo gear...

...we've got your commo gear!

And your vintage radio gear!

Bill mans the Tube Trailer.

Jim proves radio collectors are cool...

...but some just look cold.

Shiny audio gear in the sunlight.

 John has a bit of everything.

Chris and Ray represent!

A meeting of the Big Speaker Committee.

The Boy Scouts serve up lunch.

Crowded in the

Checking out the world's most interested old radio?

Flea Market going strong through mid-morning.

Auction Preview

Hard working RHS Museum Curator does some consigning

Getting ready for the show!

Our new Club President, Steve Hansman, has announcments.

Then looks to get it started.

Col. Brian Belanger calls the auction.


Busy at the check out table.

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