2006 RadioActivity Photos: Seminars & Auction

RadioActivity 2006

Theme: Emerson 

Seminars & Auction

Photography by James Privitera and Domi Sanchez

Several seminars were planned for Friday afternoon.  They were out of the heat and were well attended.  The ever popular repair seminar by Ed Lyon is so popular, we have to schedule it last so the seats don't get filled up an hour early.  It has been requested that we extend this repair class beyond the current hour and a half.  The other talk was given by MAARC's own Steve McAllister on "Collecting Vintage Hi-Fi Equipment".  There is a growing number of audio collectors and we opened this theme up to encourage others to get involved in saving and restoring these sets.

Saturday saw a too quiet flea market since most folks were preparing for the main auction, which began at 10:30 am.  Always a nice way to end the meet, the auction wrapped up around 3:00 pm with a bunch of tired folks heading to their cars with their new holdings.














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