2006 RadioActivity Photos: Flea Market

RadioActivity 2006

Theme: Emerson 

Flea Market

Photography by James Privitera, Domi Sanchez, and Steve Hansman

The Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club held their annual collectors'meet, Radioactivity, on June 9th and 10th with Emerson as the theme.  Flea marketing was the main event Friday morning and the weather was as great as it was the previous year.  Vendors attended from as far north as New Hampshire and from as far south as Florida.  All types of equipment were offered at bargain prices and some not so bargain prices.  Waves brings a wonderful selection of items from New York, and the DeLorias brought their nice assortment which included thousands of knobs.  Joe Milano was also there with his gorgeous selection of cathedral and tombstone radios.  The prices were reasonable with at least one Emerson "Patriot" plastic radio selling for $500, an Emerson "Aristocat" for $350, a Coronado "Jewel" little bakelite set for $150, a Zenith 705 wood mantle set for $125, a Westinghouse Aeriola Sr. for $150, a Zenith 311 for $130, and a Zenith 312 for $130.  There was also a red Grebe "Challenger" that traded hands at $120, and a Dewald "Catalin" A-501 radio for $180.  There were numerous high-end plastic and transistor sets for sale and even a Sparton 557 "Sled" offered at $2500.  There was also trading in parts and junker sets and all-in-all there was something for everyone.














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