2007 RadioActivity Photos: Flea Market

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RadioActivity 2007

Theme: Mail Orders Radios 

Flea Market

Photography by Domi Sanchez and James Privitera

Steve: "Does it work? We don't even know what it is."


All: "Wow, that's the biggest rat I've ever seen in a radio."

Bill and his new friend Charlie.

Milt: "It's baked in, that's why it's called Bakelite."


Joe: "See, this GPS receiver works just like those."


Jim: "With that card and and a buck fifty..."


Buford in the Cone Zone


Sarge: "You need more $$$ here at Geoff's table."




..Front (of a horse trailer full).


 "I gotta have that ugly black radio!"


"Look! It's clearly calling for a 555 IC chip!"


 NOW we're talking antique radio.


 Stacked high and displayed well.


"Hey Paul, these are nice but do you have anything smaller?"


Literature search, flea market style. 


This must span about 70 years.

The moment of "Hmmmm"




More trouble


"But will my radio lamp look good on it?"


"Were these this clean at the factory?"


"Is that you behind those nice radios, Joe?"


Looking down a row of good old stuff.