2008 RadioActivity Photos: Flea Market

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RadioActivity 2008

Theme: Crosley Radios 

Flea Market

Photography by Eric Stenberg 

NOW we're talking antique radio


Lots of clean plastic


Ron checks alignment by eyeball


Mr. Wilson holds court


Lots of activity


Humorous Radios


Tube Trailer action


Digging a 1L6 out of a mouse house


Willie making the shutterdials look good



Milt hangs out...


and Gary hangs out.


Paul and Rod discuss finance terms


Zenith was well represented


An interesting variety


Preview for the Auction


Nice radios en masse


Nice radios en masse



Good stuff at the end of the row


Rod shops under the big top


Lots of action all morning long


Very nice early equipment


Another interesting variety


Small televisions


Bob in his shop