Board of Directors


  • President
  • John Begg
  • Vice President
  • Dave Rossetti
  • Treasurer
  • Rod Matzko


Board Members

  • Brian Belanger
  • JoAnna Fabro
  • Ed Lyon
  • Bruce Pellicott
  • David Poe
  • Domi Sanchez
  • Roy Stehlik
  • Eric Stenberg
  • Randy Warren


  • David Poe / Domi Sanchez

Capacitor Sales

  • Randy Warren

Show and Tell Sessions

  • Randy Warren

Meeting Setup

  • Brian Belanger

Meeting Cleanup

  • John Begg


  • Joe Koester

Radio Age Co-Editors:

  • Ed Lyon, Domi Sanchez, and Donnie Gillespie

Tube Sales

  • Charles Scarborough / Steve McAllister


  • Dave Rossetti

Membership Chairman:

  • Wyatt Circo

The Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club (MAARC) is an IRS-registered 501(c)(7) non-profit social club, organized to promote the preservation of radios, radio literature, and vintage electronics, and to advance the body of related knowledge.

Note: To contact any board member, please contact the the Webmaster