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The Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club (MAARC) is a hobby club for those dedicated to collecting, restoring, and preserving vintage radio, television, hi-fi, electrical instrument, vacuum tube, and electronic test equipment.

Collecting antique radio and other electronic equipment is a fun and interesting pastime that appeals to a variety of folks from the pure collectors who are looking for their next great find, to the technicians and tinkerers who like to restore the electronics or refinish cabinets, to the historians and preservationists interested in the history of the technology, to those who are into it as a small business.

MAARC Board of Directors


  • President: John Begg
  • Vice President: Dave Rossetti
  • Treasurer: Rod Matzko

Directors (Board Members)

  • Brian Belanger
  • JoAnna Fabro
  • Ed Lyon
  • Bruce Pellicott
  • David Poe
  • Domi Sanchez
  • Roy Stehlik
  • Eric Stenberg
  • Randy Warren

Note: To contact any board member, please email MAARCcontact@gmail.com

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