Monthly Meetings

RadioFallFest 2023

Sunday, October 15th
Davidsonville, MD

Vintage Electronics
Flea Market and Auction


For directions to the Davidsonville Family Recreation Center
Click Here



The auctions will be webcast live. See below for directions for members to join via Zoom, and links to view via Facebook Live.


Schedule for the Meeting
Flea Market Gates Open: 8:00 a.m.
Walkaround Auction: 11:00 a.m.
Main Auction 12:30 p.m. (sooner if raining)

Come to buy or sell.
Admission and vending is FREE!


What can you expect?
Vacuum tube radios & TVs
Vintage audio, HiFi, & stereo equipment
Novelty radios
1950’s transistor radios to 1980’s Boomboxes
Vinyl records/LPs
Edison Phonographs to cartridge turn-tables
Antique HAM gear
Historic military commo gear
Tube guitar amps
Classic computers, calculators, & video games
Vintage or modern test gear
Vintage telephones, light bulbs, electric fans
Restoration supplies

Vendors: vintage electronics only please


Food, coffee, and drink will be available for purchase at the venue,
provided by the Davidsonville Boy Scouts of America.


New Way for MAARC Members to Join the Meeting on Zoom.
You must do this to watch on Zoom.

To keep MAARC Zoom meetings secure, the link to the meetings will no longer be posted on, nor will they be given in the
email blasts. We’ve been lucky so far that no “Zoom bombers” have broken into our meetings with, let us just say, non-relevant images.

Our Zoommaster Domi Sanchez has created a new link for the Zoom meetings which will be good for all of 2023. To register for the link
follow the instructions below. We will repeat the invitation to register for the MAARC Zoom meetings in every monthly eblast, so please
make sure that your email address is current at

Here are instructions to get the new link for the monthly meetings.
  • Click on the link provided in your MAARC News eblast to go to the registration page for the meeting.
  • On the Zoom Meeting Registration Form that opens, enter your name and email.
  • You will automatically, almost immediately, be sent an email with the link for the Zoom meeting and the passcode you must enter to
    join the meeting.
  • On Sunday, click on the link in that email. When prompted, enter the passcode provided in the email (one word, case sensitive, no quotes).
    Use the numerical passcode only if you are just dialing in by phone.
  • You will be put in a Zoom waiting room and Domi will let you into the meeting.


You can watch the meeting on Facebook, either live or recorded. Click Here and scroll down to the video.

By Dave Rossetti

MAARC member since 2013. My thing is tube testing.